Dentists in Kelowna BC Compares Clear Aligners and Braces

Are you thinking about whether you need clear aligners or braces to improve your smile? Expert dentists in Kelowna BC compare these two options here.

Would you love to improve your smile? Do you wish to compare clear aligners and braces? It would be good to get this comparison done by a professional, isn’t it? Dentists in Kelowna BC compare these two options here.

Clear aligners are personalized to fit your teeth. They are made using plastic. These aligners move your teeth step-by-step to take them to the desired position. To make sure that the aligners grip your tooth, your dentist will apply tiny bumps of composite resin. These bumps are attached to different teeth to make sure that the aligner grips the tooth. In turn, your tooth can be moved to the desired position gradually.


You might have seen metal braces. They are also made using porcelain these days. They are attached to your teeth. They use wires and brackets to apply controlled pressure on teeth, gradually shifting them into proper alignment. While requiring diet adjustments and regular maintenance, braces offer diverse options for effective and versatile orthodontic treatment. They are also most preferred options among people.

Clear Aligners – Pros and Cons


  • Aligners are less noticeable as they are transparent
  • Your diet will not be affected as you can remove the aligners when you eat
  • You can remove aligners easily. So, you can clean them to maintain hygiene
  • Revisits are hardly needed as your dentist plans things in advance
  • More comfortable to wear


  • For the best results, you will have to wear aligners at least 22 hours a day
  • You will have to remove aligners when eating. It can be embarrassing to do in front of others
  • Aligners might not fit all
  • Costs more than braces in some cases.

Braces – Pros and Cons


  • Braces can be worn by anyone without any restrictions
  • Braces are available in different forms.
  • There are no compliance rules to follow for braces as they are fixed permanently to your tooth


  • It can be hard to clean your tooth after wearing braces
  • You will have to make changes to your diet initially
  • Braces are not so comfortable to wear
  • The appointments needed for braces are generally longer and more frequent than clear aligners

From this comparison, you might have understood that clear aligners are beneficial in many ways than braces. Also, they are the latest innovations and will let you smile with confidence. The reason is that they are hardly visible to others.

When deciding between clear aligners and braces to enhance your smile, dentists in Kelowna BC emphasize that clear aligners offer advantages such as discreet appearance, easy removal for cleaning, and greater comfort.

Indeed, the initial cost of clear aligners might be higher than traditional braces. Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons to bring you the best benefits. Carefully, choose an expert dentist to get clear aligners to improve your smile safely.

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