FINCARD's smartest technology investment

At the end of 2022 and early of 2023 the whole world started facing the significant impact of the global economic crisis. Lucas Truong – Investment Director of FINCARD HOLDINGS assumes that more than 33% of the whole world’ technology industry’ revenue is going down until Q3 of 2023. According to TechHQ , 2023 will be the year of “ Traumatic 12 months of technology layoffs” and it looks like it is happening in reality with 240 ‘000 jobs lost. The financial service industry is not exceptional and still being challenged in different aspects such as global Supply chain crashing and global crisis’s impact in 2024.

However, there are still some potential business models, which rely on technology that have been invested with a somewhat remarkable amount of money by Financial Holdings and Ventures Capital. Recently,  Although the whole Silicon Valley is suffering from the global economic crisis,  FINCARD HOLDINGS decided to invest millions of dollars into AI once again. This caused controversy for weeks.

In the first week FINCARD’s invested millions USD in an artificial intelligence project. This practice is considered as one of the smartest investments in the history of the holdings. It clearly shows that the project aims to implement the replacement of some vital human labor works in the financial and technology industry.

Lucas Truong – Investment Director of FINCARD HOLDING revealed that “ We are in the same situation with other companies by being challenged by the crisis, however we believe being defensive is not the right move at the moment but  a smart investment is.” He believes no matter how much the world’s economy is in general and Technology industry in particular, AI is still the future of the human being. Lucas’s idea is “ if the problems are caused by technologies then technologies should be the solutions”.

In 2020, FINCARD invested in an (AI) artificial intelligence research project, working to develop algorithms and key financial and service knowledge combinations. Most engineers, academics, entrepreneurs, non-tech people and consultants appreciate the intelligence of AI.

“FINCARD deserves to be valued higher in the market thanks to its investment in technology and most recently artificial intelligence,” – Lucas Truong – Investment Director of FINCARD said: “3 years ago, right at the Global Pandemic, FINCARD holdings once caused huge controversy in Silicon Valley with its investment in technology for Goldmark Oakham to build a “Miniature Earth” factory to process diamonds.

According to Lucas Truong the estimation of operating expenses and research is ranged from $300 million to $1.1 billion. As AI develops, FINCARD needs to spend more money on infrastructure with supercomputers.

Not only increasing the value of long run profits, FINCARD is expected to integrate AI into its financial segment, making the company the largest competitor in finance and technology. Many analysts believe that FINCARD may be looking to acquire other AI technology Companies. From 2016 to present, the value of investment is about  200 million USD per year.



Brandon Smith, CEO of FiNCARD Holding assumed, “Investors will pour money into the young and potential field of AI. In 2023, AI startups are facing huge challenges because of the global economy’s problems. However there are still some projects whose value will aim for commercial business and can earn huge profits.

Data from Pitchbook shows that in 2022, Ventures Capital’s  investments in AI reached $1.37 billion with more than 78 deals, accounting for the majority of total investments over the past five years. Meanwhile, other industries decreased their proportion.

“Investing 300 million USD in 2023 into an AI project is definitely not a joke so FINCARD HOLDINGS must have the strategic planning with them or it will be the worst investment in the tech world ” – Ricardo Benoit, Venture Capitalist of CIM Holdings. Indeed, FINCARD HOLDINGs has marked some impressions in the Valley Silicon in the past couple years by successful M&A projects or Investment “ however this unrevealed project in 2023 causes big controversy.

Although artificial intelligence has achieved incredible growth with large expected profits, there are still many worrying issues. Overcrowding of AI startup companies may occur and investment funds and sponsors will simultaneously withdraw from the market. However, analysts still believe that FINCARD Holdings has made a very smart deal and the popularity of the general imaging model. FINCARD Holdings could reap lucrative profits in the future similar to the factory investment for Goldmark Oakham.

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