Navigating the E-Commerce Boom: Automation for Online Retail

In the fast-paced world of automation engineering, few stories captivate as much as that of Somil Nishar—a visionary who, armed with a Master’s in Engineering specializing in Robotics, Mechatronics, and Automation from Colorado State University Pueblo, has etched his mark on the innovative landscape of industrial automation.

In an exclusive interview, Somil Nishar shares his extraordinary journey from academia to the forefront of automation engineering. Little did he know that his academic pursuits would set the stage for an incredible odyssey, navigating through groundbreaking projects and contributing significantly to the world of technological advancements.

Nishar’s initial foray into the field took place during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic at QDS Automation. It was here that his expertise proved invaluable as he took on the role of an automation engineer. His groundbreaking project at Tampa International Airport, facilitated by cutting-edge technology like the real-wear navigator or Smart Glasses, showcased his ability to adapt and innovate under adverse conditions.

Following the success at Tampa International Airport, Nishar ventured into the colossal project of establishing the Amazon Robotics Sort Center at ORD9. His meticulous approach to network infrastructure and the integration of various state-of-the-art technologies underscored his commitment to excellence. The seamless functionality of the ARSC, achieved through collaborative efforts and the use of SCADA and HMI systems, showcased Nishar’s prowess in complex automation projects.

A notable aspect of Nishar’s projects is their adherence to Industry 4.0 principles. The integration of advanced network technologies, particularly the use of fiber optics, emphasizes real-time monitoring and communication within the facility. Nishar’s commitment to detail ensures that even the smallest malfunctions are promptly detected and addressed through the SCADA interface.

Building upon his success, Nishar took on leadership roles in projects focused on Amazon delivery, delving into last-mile delivery technologies. His expertise shone through as he implemented advanced systems such as Auto-Scan and Label (ASL) and Automated Divert to Aisles (ADTA), streamlining the delivery process and showcasing his adaptability to emerging technologies in the retail industry.

Presently, Nishar directs his attention to an engaging warehouse shuttle system project, highlighting the evolving dynamics of automation in the retail industry. Contrasting the extensive use of mobile robots by Amazon with Walmart’s preference for shuttle systems, Nishar exemplifies the diverse approaches to automation in the competitive retail landscape.

In a captivating conclusion, Somil Nishar reflects on his exhilarating professional journey in automation engineering—a journey marked by remarkable achievements and a commitment to continuous innovation. With an unwavering determination to explore new frontiers, Nishar envisions making significant contributions to the ever-evolving fields of automation and technological advancement. His story serves as an inspiring testament to the limitless possibilities within the world of industrial automation.

Somil Nishar’s journey in automation engineering, fueled by a Master’s in Engineering, showcases an inspiring evolution. From his impactful role at QDS Automation during the pandemic to spearheading the establishment of Amazon Robotics Sort Center at ORD9, Nishar’s projects emphasize Industry 4.0 principles and innovative technologies. Leading last-mile delivery projects for Amazon, he continues to explore cutting-edge solutions in retail automation. Nishar’s narrative is a testament to his commitment to excellence, adaptability to emerging technologies, and a vision to shape the future of automation and technological advancement.

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